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Urban Cycling, Performance and Exercise Studio

Urban Cycling Performance and Exercise Studio is the 1st state of the art indoor cycling studio in Jamestown, NY.  Offering a variety of indoor cycling classes.  Get ready to be transformed as you climb and sprint your way through one of our signature indoor cycling sessions.  You will increase your endurance, up your energy, burn major calories and jump-start your metabolism.

Our Mission is simple:  create an environment for people to escape into an awesome and exhilarating cycling experience regardless of their fitness level.

Urban Cycling has the best certified indoor instructors in the area.  We combine a chest-thumping sound system, coaching and lighting to create a high-energy exercise experience.  It is a low impact but high cardio workout with well documented benefits.  You can burn between 400 -800 calories per session!

Urban cycling is equipped with a 10ft projection screen to view a virtual outdoor ride from all over the world.  Our cycles are Lance Armstrong's livestrong S series Matrix cycles.  They are considered to be the very best in the indoor cycling world.

Indoor cycling has a reputation for intensity - and it can be intense.  But our classes appeal to a wide variety of athletic abilities from beginners and hard core cyclists to everyone in between.  Instructors coach riders to adapt their workout to their own experience and comfort level in a non-intimidating way.

If you have never tried it, indoor cycling is a great, low-impact way to burn calories while listening to some fabulous music and riding with some great people.  We welcome any and all types of riders from the "never tried it" to the "I'd die without it".

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